To achieve mastery, you must know what mastery looks like. Initial D protagonist Takumi Fujiwara meets his match when he runs into a FasterClass mystery recruiter in a GR86, ready to show him what a class in fast is all about.

Intertrend’s creative for the campaign taps into the Japanese sports car heritage. Anime and mangas such as Initial D, which features the legacy AE86, are two of the conduits that piqued the interest of Asian Americans into the world of Japanese sports cars. Toyota has collaborated with the creators of Initial D to create the GR86 x Initial D Hachi-Roku Trilogy, which highlights the 86’s legacy and introduces the vehicle’s next evolution with the GR86. The spots were directed by Annis Naeem.

A Battle of Legends

Mastering the Craft

For Takumi, the open road is an opportunity. But when you see a GR86 coming in the rearview mirror, you better bring your “A” game.


When you’re a master of the road in a GR86, there’s no one who can teach you a lesson.

The Challenge

The Drift King himself, Keiichi Tsuchiya, shows Takumi what mastery on the road looks like. Welcome to FasterClass, kid.

Legendary Drivers

Takumi Fujiwara

Known for his old Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX AE86, Takumi is the main character of Initial D and son of legendary street racer Bunto Fujiwara. Throughout the series, Takumi develops his racing skills to be one of the fastest drivers in Kanto.

Keiichi Tsuchiya

Known as the “Drift King,” Keiichi Tsuchiya serves as the inspiration behind the Initial D series and its title character, Takumi Fujiawara. As a professional race car driver, he helped to popularize drifting as a motorsport with the creation of the now famous “Pluspy” drifting video.

Icons of the Streets

Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX AE86

The original that inspired the new generation. The AE86 paved the way for GR86 and served as a classic sports car that redefined fun. Light, easy to modify, and a five-speed manual transmission made this thrill-seeker a legend in its own right.

The All-New GR86

The GR86 pays homage to AE86 by maintaining the integrity of what made the 86 great, and takes that performance to another level with a front-engine, rear-drive layout, 6-speed manual transmission, and balanced and highly controllable handling that allows you to own every curve on the road.


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